Real time support for mobile app using field technicians

More field technicians than ever before are using a mobile app to perform various functions of their jobs.

Industries like Oil & Gas, Home Services & Home Repairs are putting an end to paper and pencil toting field technicians and instead are arming them with mobile devices and tablets.

The benefits to doing so are multi-fold: Mobile software allows management of the complete field service life cycle, including the equipment, work orders, labor, service parts, warranties, returns, contracts, and projects.

With field service management software, when technicians are dispatched to a job, the task is sent to their mobile device along with the most efficient route to the site, parts and tools required, service history, contacts, applicable warranties and contractual commitments – everything needed to deliver timely and effective service.

But mobile apps are not infallible. Sometimes field technicians will encounter bugs in them. And sometimes mobile software will be complex enough where the field technician needs help navigating thru them. But if there isn’t an easy way for technicians to reach out for assistance, then mobile apps can be more of a crutch than a boon.

If the support system in place for the mobile app means the field technician has to call a 1-800 number, send an email or look thru in-app faqs, then it can be detrimental to the field technician completing his tasks because he isn’t getting helped in a timely manner.

Thus having real-time support can make a difference to the success of the mobile app for field technicians. If the technician needs only to press a button within his app to instantly connect with a support agent in real time, it results in an immediate time savings. The technician can communicate with the agent, explain the issue and get help so that he can continue right on with his job duties that are performed with the help of the mobile app. 

Business applications are the second most downloaded app category on public app stores,  thus the need for good & reliable app support has become increasingly app support appVuze